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INIA Treinta y Tres

Treinta y Tres (URY). Government
Normalized Impact


Output88= 0%
Excellence with Leadership2= 0%
Normalized Impact0.96= 0%
Normalized Impact Leadership0.68= 0%
Scientific Talent Pool36= 0%
Scientific Leadership18= 0%
International Collaboration66= 0%
High Quality Publications56= 0%
Excellence15= 0%
Open Access59.09= 0%
Not Own Journals88= 0%
Own Journals0= 0%

Collaboration network

Both the size of the circles and the width of the lines reflect the number of collaborative documents. The colour shows the number of citations per document.


Innovative Knowledge0= 0%
Technological Impact0= 0%
Patents0= 0%


plumx56= 0%
mendeley83= 0%